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A physical space at the Poblenou Library / CRAI to promote self-learning, knowledge and collaboration around technology.

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The HackLab is open for all the UPF community, but specially for students. We want to boost a self-organized culture based on collaboration.

Poblenou space


Room 50.105 of the Poblenou Library/CRAI. Follow this link to obtain information about the space.

The first hack is the creation of the HackLab. Because of that, the space doesn't have a specific equipment. We hope that it will be generated later, around the HackLab activities.

Hours: mon - fri 9:00 to 20:00h.


If you want to propose an activity just send a message to the HackLab with the subject alta llista for joining the mailing list and propose the meetup, or just go to the room 50.105 of the Poblenou Library/CRAI and talk with one of us. If you like to chat you can also enter the hacklab_upf channel on Freenode.


We are working in some actions around robotics, the intersection of ICT and journalism and game design.